A new date is in the works to create an even bigger event!

There’s been a change of plans…

Greetings, Voting Rights Advocates!

We have been working behind the scenes with some of the biggest names and organizations in voting rights to plan the best possible event to  help us fight for voting rights.

During these preparations, and after consulting with some heavy hitters in the voting rights world, we have decided to aim for a different date. We had been working toward a march on June 3, but, we now think that we can build an even better event on another day.

To that end, we look forward to sharing some exciting announcements with you in the coming weeks. We have a great group of people and some amazing individuals in the voting rights world working on some great things that we cannot wait to make public. Please stay tuned for updates.

Thanks for everything you do!

All our best,

Voters Rights March

Sign up to help plan the march!

We are going to need a lot of help planning the Voting Rights March on Washington. Please sign up to help us with planning at this link:


Together, we can work not only to prevent the Trump administration from restricting voting rights, but to expand voting rights across the country.

Let’s March to Protect and Expand Voting Rights Protections.


President Trump has repeatedly, without evidence, stated that voter fraud cost him the popular vote. Based upon that, the administration has claimed it will conduct a “major investigation” into voter fraud, and “depending on results,” Trump intends to “strengthen up voting procedures.”

Those of us who care deeply about voting rights know this is a baseless attack on the right to vote. Let’s make our voices heard. Let’s protect the right to vote.

We are looking for help in planning this event, so please reach out to us at votingrightsmarch@gmail.com.

Thanks for everything you do to help us protect the right to vote.